At Cosgrove, Cosgrove & Humphrey, our purpose is to protect and advocate for our clients, facilitating the sometimes difficult, yet necessary, conversations. To be sure, planning for life’s many stages requires thoughtful foresight and strategic execution. The goal is exceptionally beneficial solutions that assure optimum results and peace of mind. We put the interests of our clients first, who in turn place a high level of trust in us. This is something we never take for granted.



Whether it’s estate planning to protect a young couple and their children or determining the best solution for a loved one’s incapacity or administering and settling the estate or trust of a deceased family member, our legal team articulates and clarifies the nuances of the law, enabling clients to make informed, intelligent decisions. Our team is comprised of experts including a Certified Legal Specialist. Rather than offer our specific capabilities on the side, we offer highly specialized expertise.

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